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ADHD Open Space Podcast
WTF is an "Open Space", Anyway?

WTF is an "Open Space", Anyway?

Unless you’ve been to one, it’s probably not what you think.

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The first of a series of episodes talking about how Open Space Events Work.

If you’re listening to these podcasts, or reading my stuff, or even just interacting with me online, odds are you know what ADHD is. But I keep on using that word “Open Space” about what we’re doing in Madison on January 20th. I thought it might be a good idea to talk about it a bit, giving an overview of what’s involved.

I welcome any questions (though if you’re wondering what the four principles and one law are, those are coming in future episodes).

And if you think an open space sounds like a fun thing to do, you should share this podcast with the people you’d like to do it with!


ADHD Open Space
ADHD Open Space Podcast
The ADHD Open Space Podcast is for adult professionals living with ADHD and those who interact with them. We’ll talk about how it affects our work and those we care about.
As the “open space’ implies, there is room to explore more, so feel free to leave suggestions and comments for each episode!
The ADHD Open Space event will be January 20th, 2024 in Madison, WI. Registration opens December 1st at!