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ADHD: The Scattering

ADHD: The Scattering

The story of the game that almost derailed my month

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Let me tell you about the winter when the Idea Monster came and sat in his brain and almost kept the last five NaPodPoMo podcasts from happening. And also…about the fun game about ADHD that I’m creating.

“Squirrel card, like…Someone sent a thumbs up emoji and you're distracted, lose, you're distracted, so you lose a certain number of emotional regulation tokens.

Or you moved houses three months ago and can't find that one box with all the cleaning supplies.

Immediately give up on all house related goal cards.

So if you were planning on organizing your closet, or doing the dishes, nope, not gonna happen.”

ADHD Open Space
ADHD Open Space Podcast
The ADHD Open Space Podcast is for adult professionals living with ADHD and those who interact with them. We’ll talk about how it affects our work and those we care about.
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