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ADHD & Executive Function Part 4: Support Networks

ADHD & Executive Function Part 4: Support Networks

It takes a village to raise a — wait, look! A squirrel!

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This is the final part of this particular series in the ADHD Open Space podcast. And like most explorations, more topics and questions came up than actual solutions.

I mention a few people in this podcast that I would love to link to:

  • ADHD educator and coach

  • Caren Magill (YouTube link) ADHD educator and coach especially helpful for late-diagnosed folks like me.

  • Marie Poulin (affiliate link, but one I can unreservedly recommend).

  • Productive Flourishing (especially great for people who work in teams or entrepreneurs).

  • Arianna Bradford (ADHD Coach and the person who I learned the Command Center hack from)(also great YouTuber)

However, one solution that I mention that can help is a newcomer to the support networks: ChatGPT.

In fact, I got a rough draft of this entire series from Chat GPT earlier this week when I realized I was behine on my NaPodPoMo podcasts. Here’s the outline it gave me:

Here are four podcast episode outlines centered around the theme of externalizing executive function for adults with ADHD:

Episode 1: "Understanding Executive Function in ADHD"

  • Introduction:

    • Brief overview of executive function and its challenges for adults with ADHD.

  • Segment 1: Defining Executive Function in Everyday Terms

    • Break down the components of executive function (planning, organization, time management) and how they manifest in daily life.

  • Segment 2: Real-Life Scenarios

    • Share anecdotes or case studies illustrating how executive function difficulties affect adults with ADHD.

  • Segment 3: Expert Insights

    • Interview with a psychologist or expert in ADHD discussing the neurological aspects of executive function challenges.

Episode 2: "Tools and Strategies for Externalizing Executive Function"

  • Introduction:

    • Recap of executive function challenges and the importance of externalizing.

  • Segment 1: The Power of External Tools

    • Explore various tools and technologies that can help externalize executive function (planners, apps, reminders).

  • Segment 2: Tangible Strategies for Success

    • Discuss actionable strategies for breaking tasks into manageable steps and creating external structures.

  • Segment 3: Listener Q&A

    • Address questions from listeners about specific challenges they face and offer practical solutions.

Episode 3: "Hacking Your Environment: Externalizing for Success"

  • Introduction:

    • Emphasize the role of the environment in supporting executive function.

  • Segment 1: Optimizing Your Physical Space

    • Tips on creating an ADHD-friendly workspace and organizing living areas to reduce cognitive load.

  • Segment 2: Time Management Techniques

    • Discuss time-blocking, setting routines, and using external cues to manage time effectively.

  • Segment 3: Personal Success Stories

    • Feature stories from individuals who have successfully externalized executive function in their lives.

Episode 4: "Building External Support Networks"

  • Introduction:

    • Discuss the importance of social support for managing ADHD.

  • Segment 1: Communicating with Family and Friends

    • Strategies for explaining ADHD challenges to loved ones and seeking their support.

  • Segment 2: Professional Support

    • Explore the role of coaches, therapists, or support groups in helping individuals externalize executive function.

  • Segment 3: Cultivating Self-Compassion

    • Discuss the importance of self-compassion and self-care in managing executive function challenges.

Each episode can include personal stories, practical tips, and expert insights to create a well-rounded discussion on externalizing executive function for adults with ADHD.

If you’ve listened to all the episodes, you can see that I didn’t follow it exactly. I would not do that; I do know of at least one other ADHD writer who seems to simply re-post essays written by AI, and I’d rather that was not the case.

But it did make it much easer to get closer to my goal of posting 30 podcasts in 30 days (even if seven of them are on the last two days). And I think there’s a lot more executive functioning load that can be shouldered by ChatGPT if you simply learn better how to use it. Which is why I’m taking an AI prompt creation course…

Transcript is available in the tab above — remember to share, like, comment, or otherwise let me know you like what you hear!


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